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Becoming a Great High School: 6 Strategies and 1 Attitude That Make a Difference


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In Becoming a Great High School, former principal Tim R. Westerberg emphasizes that significant improvement in any high school must start with improving the quality of instruction in the classroom. But the isolated efforts of individual teachers aren't enough. If your school is functioning like "a collection of educational entrepreneurs held together by a common parking lot," it's time for teachers and administrators to work together and pursue comprehensive, coordinated strategies that will help all students succeed.

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Cultivating a We-Expect-Success Attitude

Strategy 2: Developing a Common Vision of Effective Instruction

About the authors

Tim Westerberg is an experienced education consultant who has conducted hundreds of presentations, trainings, and workshops for state, national, and international schools, districts, and regional organizations. Westerberg's professional work focuses on improving classroom instruction, creating high-performing high schools, standards-based grading, building high-quality assessment systems, leadership training, and state standards implementation.

Westerberg served as high school principal for 26 years, and has been active in a variety of school transformation, staff development, and leadership training initiatives in Colorado, across the nation, and internationally, including the NASSP/Carnegie Foundation Commission on the Restructuring of the American High School that produced the seminal report Breaking Ranks: Changing an American Institution. He is an author of several books and has written numerous articles published in a variety of education publications, including Principal Leadership magazine and Educational Leadership® magazine.


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