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Increasing Student Learning Through Multimedia Projects


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This book answers teachers′ questions about enhancing student achievement through project-based learning with multimedia. It′s a guide for anyone interested in helping students produce multimedia presentations as a way to learn academic content. Weaving together the perspectives of teachers, researchers, and staff of the award-winning Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project and the WEB project, the authors address teaching and learning issues central to successful technology projects, such as assessment, subject-area learning, and connecting to the real world.

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A Multimedia Primer

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Fern Tavalin is the executive director of the WEB Project, Inc. (http://www.webproject.org). She was one of the prime conceivers and developers of the federal technology innovation grant The WEB Project: Creating a WEB of Evidence. Tavalin specializes in project-based learning, using collaborative inquiry as a process for improvement, and offers experientially based summer multimedia institutes to teachers. Her concepts about educational technology and applied learning have been formally translated into a pragmatic design called Applied Learning Studios (http://www.appliedlearning.org). She also specializes in developing systems of collaborative online inquiry. Contact Tavalin at 270 Putney Mountain Road, Putney, VT 05346; phone: (802) 387-4277; e-mail: tavalin@sover.net.

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