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September 1, 2001
Vol. 59
No. 1

A Letter from the ASCD Nominations Committee

      The new governance structure adopted by ASCD's membership in fall 2000 will go into effect in 2003. This new structure will require many candidates for both the traditional and new elective offices. The Nominations Committee's goal is to have enough candidates to provide competitive races for all the positions. To meet this goal, we need the support of all ASCD members.
      Even though the new governance structure does not go into effect for two years, candidates for all positions must be selected by the end of March 2002 so that elections may be held in fall 2002. Because of this time line, we are seeking candidates immediately.
      The Nominations Committee believes that every member of ASCD has an obligation and a responsibility to encourage, recommend, nominate—or self-nominate—individuals who are able and willing to serve the Association through the crucial roles of President-Elect, members-at-large of the new Board of Directors, members-at-large of the newly created Leadership Council, and members of the Review Council.
      In its search for candidates, the Nominations Committee is keenly aware of the diversity of ASCD's international membership and is committed to ensuring that this rich diversity is represented in the governance structure. We cannot do this without our membership's full participation. We ask all members to consider recommending an ASCD member or nominating themselves for the open positions.
      With your assistance, we believe that we will meet our goal of presenting viable slates of candidates and that we will make a smooth transition into our new governance structure.
      —Anthony Mello, New York, Chair, Nominations Committee

      How to Nominate a Candidate

      The 2001–2002 Nominations Committee would like to receive your nominations for candidates to run in the general membership and Board of Directors elections in 2002. For a set of candidacy forms, please contact either Anthony Mello, 15 Dogwood Ln., Tuxedo Park, NY 10987; AnMello@aol.com; (845) 753-3795, or Becky DeRigge at ASCD; bderigge@ascd.org; (800) 933-2723 or (703) 575-5601.

      The completed forms must be returned to the chair by Dec. 30, 2001. You can also find the forms on ASCD's Web site (www.ascd.org) under "Who We Are."

      This article was published anonymously, or the author name was removed in the process of digital storage.

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