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June 1, 2008
Vol. 65
No. 9

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Just Thinking

At a recent workshop for educators, participants pondered: What is the most important 21st-century skill to teach our students? While some educators suggested collaboration and some entrepreneurship, others argued for global awareness. Still others made a convincing case for including that old standby, reading. But, in a world where teachers cannot teach every student what each will need, thinking skills invariably landed near the top of the list for everyone. (For a comprehensive list of important skills, see "ASCD and 21st-Century Skills.")
In this summer online issue, Educational Leadership addresses thinking skills for the second time this publishing year. (See our February 2008 issuefor more articles on this topic.) Here, our authors describe the learning experiences and special projects that improved their students' ability to think deeply and well. From a 5th grade group of students learning all about the history of their county to an algebra class learning that linear functions are everywhere, these articles show students learning how to think critically and creatively.
We hope you enjoy reading these pieces and thinking about how you might adapt some of our authors' ideas in your classroom. Be sure to join us on the blog to share your views. Have a great summer, and see you in September when the print issue returns.
—Marge Scherer, Editor in Chief

Marge Scherer has contributed to Educational Leadership.

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