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February 1, 2011
Vol. 68
No. 5

ASCD Community in Action

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Two New Conference Tools

ASCD has added two new tools to enhance, personalize, and extend your experience of ASCD's Annual Conference and Exhibit Show, which will take place March 26–28, 2011, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

You Are Here

You Are Here (www.ascd.org/youarehere) is a multiplatform, interactive web tool that enables you to download and plan your conference experience before and during the conference through the ASCD website, your personal digital assistant (PDA), or one of the on-site stations positioned throughout the Moscone Center. You can access presenter biographies, search and download conference and exhibit show information to your PDA, view detailed floor maps of the convention center and headquarters hotel, and see helpful information about San Francisco. This tool will also allow conference organizers to send out program updates and notices about cancellations or room changes to registered attendees who sign up for the agenda planner.

Digital Program Book

The digital program book (www.ascd.programbook.org) is an enhanced version of the print program book that you will pick up at the conference.
Check out the added benefits, such as the ability to search for specific speakers, content, or sessions; share session information with colleagues; and click on active hyperlinks. You can access additional information about ASCD products, exhibitors, professional development events, community programs, and more.

Personalized Learning: A New Top 10

In collaboration with ASCD and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), the Software and Information Industry Association recently released Innovate to Educate: System [Re]Design for Personalized Learning. The report serves as a road map to accelerate the education system's transition from a mass production model to a more student-centered, customized-learning model. The findings are based on the insights and recommendations of 150 education leaders who convened last summer in Boston, Massachusetts.
Participants identified five essential elements of personalized learning—such as anytime, anywhere learning and a redefined role for the teacher—as well as five essential elements in education policy—such as redefining time and using performance-based assessments. The report is available at http://siia.net/pli/presentations/PerLearnPaper.pdf.

Resources for "Teaching Screenagers"


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