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March 1, 2013
Vol. 70
No. 6

ASCD Community in Action

You Learn. You Teach. Now Lead.

ASCD is seeking education professionals with 5–15 years of experience who are looking to take a more active role in ASCD for the first time. Emerging Leaders pursue a variety of leadership paths throughout the two-year program, including getting more involved in education policy, writing for ASCD, pursuing leadership positions with ASCD governance and constituent groups, and supporting the Whole Child Initiative. ASCD is now accepting applications until April 1, 2013; accepted applicants will be notified in May. Learn more and apply for the program.

Product Spotlight

Common Core Standards for Elementary Grades K–2 Math and English Language Arts: A Quick-Start Guide (Stock No. 113014; $20.95 members/$27.95 nonmembers) and Common Core Standards for Elementary Grades 3–5 Math and English Language Arts: A Quick-Start Guide (Stock No. 113015; $20.95 members/$27.95 nonmembers). By Amber Evenson, Monette McIver, Susan Ryan, and Amitra Schwols (ASCD, 2013)
These two guides show elementary school teachers how the Common Core standards in math and English language arts and literacy work together across strands, domains, and grade bands to build essential skills and knowledge and prepare students for the next level of study. Each guide presents a process for creating standards-based lessons that make the best use of the effective instructional strategies explored in Classroom Instruction That Works, 2nd edition. Each guide also includes a set of six sample lessons—for math and language arts at each targeted grade level—that clarify how elementary teachers might approach concepts not addressed in their previous state standards.

Don't Forget to Join In!

Don't forget to make your voices heard in an ongoing discussion of the question, How do we define and measure teacher and principal effectiveness? The discussion, which is taking place in a forum on ASCD EDge, focuses on such topics as the validity of various educator evaluation systems, the use and purpose of educator evaluations, and the weighting of multiple measures.
The forum concludes April 12, 2013. You can participate by blogging on ASCD EDge; commenting on other blog posts; taking a survey; and attending a live session at the ASCD 2013 Annual Conference, which takes place March 16–18 in Chicago, Illinois.
To learn more about how to participate, join the ASCD Forum group on ASCD EDge or contact constituent services.

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