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March 1, 2014
Vol. 71
No. 6

ASCD Community in Action

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General Membership Vote: The Results

ASCD's auditor has certified the ballots cast in a recent vote on proposed changes to ASCD's Constitution. ASCD members have approved those changes.

Join the Conversation

ASCD invites educators worldwide to discuss the topic, "How do we cultivate and support teacher leaders?" This ASCD Forum discussion, which began January 15 and will run through April 11, is an educator-driven conversation designed to give everyone a voice, both online and face-toface.
To get involved, go to www.ascd.org/ascdforum, join the conversation on Twitter with the #ASCDForum hashtag, or come to ASCD Annual Conference session #2124 (March 16, 8:00–9:00 a.m.) for a face-to-face ASCD Forum conversation hosted by ASCD President Becky Berg.

An Affordable Alternative

Twenty-one sessions from ASCD's 2014 Annual Conference and Exhibit Show will be available to the public through live streaming. The live stream option offers global educators an accessible and affordable alternative to attending ASCD's 2014 Annual Conference, which will take place in Los Angeles, California, March 15–17, 2014.
Virtual attendees may log in during or after the conference to gain access to more than 30 hours of content from such thought leaders as Daniel Pink, Sir Ken Robinson, Robert Marzano, Jane McGonigal, Tony Wagner, and Grant Wiggins.
The live stream option will integrate the ASCD EDge social networking community and will be viewable on standard PCs and Macs, as well as on most iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android devices. Most sessions will also be available to participants in an archive for up to six months after the event. However, three key sessions–by Pink, Robinson, and McGonigal–will only be viewable live. ASCD encourages participants, when possible, to view these and other sessions live.
To register for the live stream option, visit http://ascd.events27.com/ascd2014. The cost is $129 for ASCD members and $159 for nonmembers. For bulk registrations, contact the ASCD Service Center at 1-800-993-2723.
All paid, in-person conference registrants will have access to the livestreamed sessions as part of their conference registration fees. To register for the 2014 Annual Conference and Exhibit Show, visit http://ac14.ascd.org.

New from ASCD: Arias on Assessment

Need concise answers to pressing problems you face in education? Need something you can read in one sitting? Try these two offerings from ASCD's Arias collection:
  • Grading and Group Work: How Do I Assess Individual Learning When Students Work Together? (2013). By Susan M. Brookhart. Stock No. SF113073.
  • Digital Learning Strategies: How Do I Assign and Assess 21st Century Work? (2013). By Michael Fisher. Stock No. SF114045.
The print books are available for $12.99 each; the ebooks, for $6.99.

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