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May 1, 2010
Vol. 67
No. 8

ASCD Community in Action May 2010

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News and updates from around the association.

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ASCD Message to Congress: Promote Policies That Build Effective Educators

ASCD recognizes that the two most important school-based factors affecting student achievement are the effectiveness of the classroom teacher and the effectiveness of the school principal. From the early childhood center to the university campus, we must support educators in gaining and sustaining knowledge and skills to address the evolving needs of students. Therefore, ASCD calls on Congress to promote
  • Systematic approaches to the career development of educators, including their preparation, induction, mentoring, coaching, ongoing professional development, and evaluation.
  • A definition of educator effectiveness that includes, but is not limited to, indicators related to student growth and proficiency.
  • Incentives for school-university partnerships that focus on innovative means to recruit, prepare, and retain teachers.
  • Collaborations among universities, schools, and education organizations in providing professional development to ensure that new principals are ready to lead.
  • Differentiated recognition programs, including locally determined incentive and merit-pay programs tied to educator effectiveness and, more important, school effectiveness.
  • Strategies that address the shortage of high-performing educators in high-need geographic and subject areas.
  • Opportunities for teachers to assume differentiated roles, such as instructional leaders, coaches, and mentors.
  • Professional development that promotes continual learning in collaborative or self-directed activities focused on student needs, results, and best practice.
David Griffith, ASCD Director of Public Policy

A New Leader for ASCD

Sara Magaña Shubel has taken office as ASCD's new president. Currently superintendent of the East Grand Rapids Public School District in Michigan, Shubel has served as an elementary teacher, an education consultant, and director of school development services. Shubel relishes the opportunity to promote teachers' ongoing learning. She is currently challenging her administrators to use technology strategically in their schools.
Shubel replaces outgoing ASCD president Linda Mariotti, assistant superintendent for instructional services in the Granite School District in Salt Lake City, Utah, and now immediate past president of ASCD. Paul Healey, superintendent of the Bermudian Springs School District in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, is the new president-elect.
The New Teacher's Companion: Practical Wisdom for Succeeding in the Classroom. (2009). By Gini Cunningham. Stock No. 109051.
Qualities of Effective Teachers, 3rd Edition. (2018). By James H. Stronge. Stock No. 118042.
The Teacher Quality Index: A Protocol for Teacher Selection
(book and CD-ROM). (2006). By James H. Stronge and Jennifer L. Hindman. Stock No. 105001.
How to Thrive as a Teacher Leader. (2005). By John G. Gabriel. Stock No. 104150.

Have You Seen the Digital EL?

In September 2009, Educational Leadership launched a new digital version of its award-winning print magazine. With the launch of our digital issue, you now have three options for reading EL: the print edition, the online text-only version at www.ascd.org/el, and the digital edition at www.ascd.org/digitalel.
The new digital edition has the same content and design as the print version, but with some great new features to enhance the reading experience:
  • All urls are live links that take you directly to the Web sites mentioned. No need to type in long urls.
  • The sharing options make it easy for you to share favorite articles by e-mail, on your favorite social networking sites, and on your blog or Web site. It's a quick way to foster professional conversation!
  • The viewing options enable you to enlarge the text and zoom in for easier reading. Just choose the size that suits you.
  • With Google Gears, you can download the full issue for reading offline. Travel and slow connections need not keep you from the digital EL.
  • All digital issues, starting with September 2009, are archived and searchable. If you pass along your print issue, the digital version will still be there for you.
All ASCD members and EL subscribers can access the digital issue at www.ascd.org/digitalel using their member numbers and passwords. Nonmembers can view a limited number of pages of the digital edition free of charge.

EL’s experienced team of writers and editors produces Educational Leadership magazine, an award-winning publication that reaches hundreds of thousands of K-12 educators and leaders each year. Our work directly supports the mission of ASCD: To empower educators to achieve excellence in learning, teaching, and leading so that every child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. 

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