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November 1, 2009
Vol. 67
No. 3

ASCD Community in Action

Prepared for H1N1?

In a timely ASCD Whole Child podcast, school superintendent Jerry Weast and a panel of experts discuss preparations and concerns for this year's flu season. Weast leads the Montgomery County Public Schools, a Maryland district of about 142,000 students. Last spring, his district got an early taste of H1N1 and had to temporarily shut down a school that serves 1,600 students. Download the podcast today atwww.wholechildeducation.org/podcastsand visit ASCD's H1N1 resource page at www.ascd.org/flu to stay on top of developments relevant to the K–12 community.

Attention ASCD Members

  • Participate in ASCD's 2009 General Membership election. If you didn't receive a ballot in your September issue of Education Update, please contact Becky DeRigge, governance director, at<LINK URL="mailto:bderigge@ascd.org">bderigge@ascd.org</LINK>. Leadership Council members should also cast a ballot in the Leadership Council election. An online voting option is available for both elections, which close on November 16, 2009.
  • Watch for a ballot on proposed changes to ASCD's Constitution, which will be mailed in the December issue of Education Update.


EL Study Guides—A Great Resource

Did you know that Educational Leadership publishes an online study guide with each issue, pointing readers to articles to ponder in greater detail? EL editors write these guides, which are accessible through the online table of contents atwww.ascd.org/el.
Professional learning communities, teacher book groups, principals, teacher educators, and individuals interested in the issues raised in EL can use these study guides. The guides pose provocative questions connected to EL articles and elaborate on the concrete suggestions that EL authors make for improving professional practice.
Study guide questions sometimes encourage teachers to look into policies and conditions in their schools and reflect together on where change is needed. Study guides are archived with each issue of Educational Leadership

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