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April 1, 2001
Vol. 58
No. 7

ASCD in Action

Book Authors Wanted

Have you ever thought about writing a book for ASCD? We're interested in hearing from educators with ideas and strategies to help other school practitioners.
  • Supporting beginning teachers and novice principals
  • Enhancing early learning experiences
  • Differentiating instruction and serving diverse learners
  • Meeting the needs of English language learners
  • Working with parents and families
ASCD books are written in a concrete, user-friendly style, and typically do not exceed 50,000 words in length. For more information and a Prospective Author Kit, please contact John O'Neil, Director, Book Acquisitions, ASCD.

ASCD Student Chapters

Since 1995, ASCD Student Chapters have assisted undergraduate and graduate students in education in becoming the best professional educators possible. The program provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, participate in professional development and networking programs, and become ASCD members at a reduced rate.
ASCD currently has 40 student chapters across the United States and the Caribbean with more than 1,000 members. To learn more about starting a chapter on your college campus, contact Rochelle Jones at (703) 575-5614 or send an e-mail to rjones@ascd.org.

ASCD Resources for "Beyond Class Time"

  • Stein, R. (2000). Connecting Character to Conduct: Helping Students Do the Right Things. Price: $18.95 (member); $22.95 (nonmember). Stock No. 100209.
  • Kessler, R. (2000). The Soul of Education: Helping Students Find Connection, Compassion, and Character at School. Price: $19.95 (member); $23.95 (nonmember). Stock No. 100045.
  • How to Make Homework More Meaningful by Involving Parents. (2001). Price: $79 (member); $95 (nonmember). Stock No. 401013.
  • Schools as Communities (Video Set). (2000). Includes Teachers and Students Build a Successful School Community and Community Members and Parents Build a Successful School Community. Price: $396 (member); $466 (nonmember). Stock No. 499267.
  • School-to-Work/Apprenticeships. (2000). Price: $19.95 (member); $23.95 (nonmember). Stock No. 197201.

New ASCD Constitution

ASCD members have approved a new constitution that will become effective March 2003. For a free copy of the new constitution, packaged with ASCD's current constitution, send an e-mail to bderigge@ascd.org.

For Your Calendar

  • 2002: San Antonio, March 9–11
  • 2003: San Francisco, March 8–10
  • 2004: New Orleans, March 20–22
  • Supervising with the Brain in Mind 2001: Los Angeles, May 3–4
  • Teaching Reading in the Content Areas 2001: Los Angeles, May 3–4
  • Instructional Strategies for State Assessments and Standards 2001: Los Angeles, May 3–4
  • Good Grades: Grading and Reporting to Support Student Learning and Encourage Student Success 2001: Albuquerque, May 17–18
  • Learning and Memory: Strategies to Create Brain-Compatible Classrooms 2001: Albuquerque, May 17–18

Propose an Annual Conference Session

  • Taking Bold Steps to Redefine Professional Accountability
  • Taking Bold Steps to Inspire a Passion for Learning
  • Taking Bold Steps to Build Visionary Leadership
  • Taking Bold Steps to Affirm Competent, Confident Teaching
  • Taking Bold Steps to Embrace External Criticism Constructively
  • Taking Bold Steps to Create Learning Communities.
More information on the conference strands, instructions for submitting a proposal, and online proposal forms may be found on ASCD's Web site at www.ascd.org. Forms may also be requested by calling ASCD or by sending an e-mail to annuconf@ascd.org. The postmark deadline for submitting proposals is May 1.

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