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February 1, 2001
Vol. 58
No. 5

ASCD in Action

ASCD Resources on "Evaluating Educators"

  • Danielson, C., & McGreal, T. (2000). Teacher Evaluation to Enhance Professional Practice. Copublished with Educational Testing Service. Price: $20.95 (member); $24.95 (nonmember). Stock No.100219.
  • Martin-Kniep, G. O. (1999). Capturing the Wisdom of Practice: Professional Portfolios for Educators. Price: $16.95 (member); $20.95 (nonmember). Stock No. 199254.
  • Rolheiser, C. (2000). The Portfolio Organizer: Succeeding with Portfolios in Your Classroom. Price: $20.95 (member); $24.95 (nonmember). Stock No. 100046.
  • Teacher Portfolios Series. (1997). Price: $396 (member); $466 (nonmember). Stock No. 497026.
  • Teacher Evaluation/Teacher Portfolios. (2000). Price (electronic and print versions): $19.95 (member); $23.95 (nonmember). Stock No. 197202/197202E.

Writing for EL

Now's the time to start thinking about submitting an article to Educational Leadership for the 2001–2002 publishing year. The themes are published on page 92 of this issue. To obtain a copy of the Guidelines for Writers, send an e-mail to el@ascd.org or visit www.ascd.org, click "Reading Room," and then "Educational Leadership." If you are interested in submitting a short essay for the May 2001 issue, please see page 87 for details.

ASCD Faculty

For years, educators have gone to ASCD conferences and institutes to learn about new ideas and methods. Now, ASCD can come to you. ASCD Faculty is a group of educational consultants available for on-site professional development and consulting. ASCD Faculty members work with schools and school systems interested in one-, two-, or three-day workshops—or for more long-term professional development, including facilitation of study groups, online courses, and coaching. These experts provide assistance with such topics as differentiated instruction, Understanding by Design, brain-based learning, assessment, instructional leadership, action research, standards-based classrooms, reading strategies, and effective use of technology. For more information, contact ASCD at (800) 933-2723, ext. 5677.

Every Child Reading

The Learning First Alliance, a coalition of 12 national education organizations, which includes ASCD, has released criteria for preparing teachers to offer reading instruction proven to improve student achievement. Every Child Reading: A Professional Development Guide describes the essentials of successful professional development in reading. The guide also helps educators and policymakers make effective decisions, with the ultimate goal of improving students' reading achievement.
The report explains what teachers need to know and be able to do to teach and improve students' reading skills. It describes conditions that must be in place for teachers to improve reading instruction and provides eight components of effective, research-based reading instruction in the primary grades. Download the report for free at www.learningfirst.org. Purchase print copies for $3 by calling (800) 933-2723, ext. 2, or by visiting www.ascd.org.

What's Your Password?

Need to let ASCD know your new address? Looking for a recent article from ASCD's Curriculum Update newsletter? As an ASCD member—or Educational Leadership subscriber—you have been assigned a unique password that you can use on the ASCD Web site for a faster and more personalized experience. If you have not yet received your password, please visit www.ascd.org and click the "Password Info" button on the bottom of the screen. You'll learn more about the many benefits of using your password while online and you can sign up to have your personal password delivered to you by mail or e-mail.

For Your Calendar

  • 2001: Boston, March 17­19
  • 2002: San Antonio, March 9­11
  • 2003: San Francisco, March 8­10
  • Translating Brain Research into Classroom PracticeBoston: March 14–16, 2001
  • Language Across the Curriculum: The Path to Student SuccessBoston: March 15–16, 2001
  • Using Student Data to Promote LearningBoston: March 15–16, 2001
  • Results: Great Strategies and Ingenious Systems That WorkBoston: March 16, 2001

ASCD Networks

  • Instructional Supervision—Sally Zepeda, 130 Dunwoody Dr., Athens, GA 30605; (706) 613-5245; <LINK URL="mailto:szepeda@coe.uga.edu">szepeda@coe.uga.edu</LINK>.
  • Performance Assessment for Leadership—Genevieve Brown, Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling, Sam Houston State University, Box 2119, Huntsville, TX 77341-2119; (936) 294-1144; <LINK URL="mailto:edu_gxb@shsu.edu">edu_gxb@shsu.edu</LINK>.
Visit www.ascd.org for more information on these and other ASCD Networks.

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