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May 1, 2000
Vol. 57
No. 8

ASCD in Action

A Better Beginning

  • Best ways to support new teachers;
  • Stages they go through in their first year;
  • Effective induction programs that last five days, all summer, or an entire year;
  • Mentoring programs that benefit all teachers;
  • Strategies for improving new teachers' skills without damaging their morale; and
  • Systemwide solutions that combine induction and mentoring programs with ongoing assessment and professional development.
To order, call the ASCD Service Center or visit the Online Store at ASCD's Web site (http://shop.ascd.org/).

Classroom Leadership Conference

It's no secret that talented teachers already use the best instructional practices every day in their classrooms. Imagine gathering these award-winning teachers from every grade level and subject allowing them to demonstrate their winning approaches in the classroom and having an open forum where you and your colleagues can view strategies, ask questions, and exchange insights about teaching and learning. That's the idea behind ASCD's Classroom Leadership Conference 2000, July 6–8, in San Diego, California.
  • Tom Guskey, Professor of Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation at the University of Kentucky, will explain how to set learning goals, how to gather useful information, and how to document student progress in the context of modern classrooms.
  • Consultant Spence Rogers, Director of Peak Learning Systems in Evergreen, Colorado, will explore ways to increase students' motivation to learn. Rogers will focus on the five essentials for high levels of intrinsic motivation that are based on current brain research, motivation research, and years of excellence in teaching.
  • Mary Ann Reynolds, Associate Superintendent for Administration in Houston, Texas, will describe "The Teacher as Hero." Reynolds will explain the impact of negative expectations on student learning, the characteristics and behaviors of teacher-heroes, and the personal attributes sought in today's classroom teacher.

ASCD Resources on "Keeping Teaching Fresh"

The following is a partial list of ASCD resources on this topic. For a more complete listing, visit ASCD's Web site or call the ASCD Service Center.
  • A Passion for Teaching. (1999). Levine, S. L. Price: $19.95 (member) $23.95 (nonmember). Stock no. 199224.
  • Real Questions, Real Answers: Focusing Teacher Leadership on School Improvement. (1998). Clarke, J. H., Sanborn, S. D., & Aiken, J. A. Price: $11.95 (member) $14.95 (nonmember). Stock no. 198007.
  • Teaching and Joy. (1997). Sornson, R., & Scott, J. Price: $13.95 (member) $16.95 (nonmember). Stock no. 196076.
  • How to Start the School Year Right. Price: $79 (member) $95 (nonmember). Stock no. 498042.

Photo Contest 2000

The deadline for the ASCD Annual Photo Contest has been extended to June 1, 2000. For details about the rules of the contest and prize categories, visit the ASCD Web site (http://www.ascd.org) and click Educational Leadership.

ASCD Tutorials

Need a quick and practical introduction to an education topic? Check out ASCD's new Online Tutorials, short multimedia lessons. Each lesson includes a definition of the term, short articles, video and audio files of experts and practitioners, and a list of resources to enhance your professional development.
Learn the latest about standards, performance assessment, classroom management, the brain and learning, curriculum integration, and differentiating instruction—with more topics to come—by going to the ASCD Web site (www.ascd.org).

Board Vote on ASCD's Governance Structure

After a three-year governance study, ASCD's Board of Directors voted unanimously to send the members a ballot on a series of proposed constitutional changes. The ballot will be mailed in mid-August and will require a vote of two-thirds of the members who reply. The proposed changes focus on structuring the form and functions of ASCD's governance for the future and are based on a set of governance principles emphasizing participation, responsiveness, and inclusiveness.

For Your Calendar

  • 2001: Boston, March 17–19
  • 2002: San Antonio, March 9–11
  • 2003: San Francisco, March 8–10
  • Technology Academy, Scarsdale, NY: July 24–28, 2000
  • Leadership Academy, Alexandria, VA: July 31–August 4, 2000

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