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November 1, 2001
Vol. 59
No. 3

ASCD in Action

After the Attack: How Teachers and Students Can Help

  • American Red Cross <LINK URL="http://www.redcross.org">www.redcross.org</LINK>
  • United Way <LINK URL="http://www.unitedway.org">www.unitedway.org</LINK>
  • Salvation Army <LINK URL="http://www.salvationarmy.org">www.salvationarmy.org</LINK>
  • National Organization for Victim Assistance <LINK URL="http://www.try-nova.org">www.try-nova.org</LINK>
  • Mercy Corps <LINK URL="http://www.mercycorps.org">www.mercycorps.org</LINK>
Students and teachers can send thank-you notes to the relief and rescue workers at: American Red Cross, Youth Services, 2131 K St., NW Washington, DC 20009

A New Lesson: Helping Students Understand Terrorism

Following the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, educators had to address two subjects with students: terrorism and grief. ASCD has compiled resources to provide insight, information, and advice in dealing with tragedy and intolerance, including links to Web sites of other education, health, and tolerance organizations. Look for these resources on the ASCD Web site (www.ascd.org).

Looking for EL Extra?

EL Extra—the column that accompanies each issue of Educational Leadership and offers discussion questions on EL articles—is now online at www.ascd.org. Visit the Educational Leadership section of the Reading Room and click on the November 2001 issue.

ESEA Reauthorization

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), first passed in 1965, was part of a larger effort in the United States to attack poverty. Title I, the most significant portion of the act, provided financial assistance to schools with high concentrations of poverty. The 107th Congress is now debating the reauthorization of the ESEA and may make significant changes to program requirements and accountability measures for receiving Title I funds.
For more information about ESEA and the reauthorization process, visit the ASCD Web site on the topic (http://webserver3.ascd.org/web/focus). This site features the latest updates on the reauthorization, important information about what the legislation will mean for schools, and ways to get involved.

For Your Calendar

  • 2002: San Antonio, March 9–11
  • 2003: San Francisco, March 8–10
  • 2004: New Orleans, March 20–22
  • Early Literacy and Learning: Wiring a Brain for Success, Ft. Lauderdale: January 16–18, 2002
  • Teaching and Assessing Habits of Mind, Ft. Lauderdale: January 16–18, 2002
  • Testing K–12: Assessment Data and Policy, Ft. Lauderdale: January 17–18, 2002

ASCD Resources for "Understanding Learning Differences"

  • Ferguson, D. L., et al. (2001). Designing Personalized Learning for Every Student. Price: $18.95 (member); $22.95 (nonmember). Stock No. 101007.
  • Tomlinson, C. A. (1999). The Differentiated Classroom: Responding to the Needs of All Learners. Price: $17.95 (member); $21.95 (nonmember). Stock No. 199040.
  • McLeskey, J., &amp; Waldron, N. (2000). Inclusive Schools in Action: Making Differences Ordinary. Price: $19.95 (member); $23.95 (nonmember). Stock No. 100210.
  • Perini, M., Silver, H., &amp; Strong, R. (2000). So Each May Learn: Integrating Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences. Price: $17.95 (member); $21.95 (nonmember). Stock No. 100058.
  • Guild, P. B., &amp; Hand, K. (1996). Learning Styles. Price: $189.00 (member); $220 (nonmember). Stock No. 998213.
  • At Work in the Differentiated Classroom (Video Series). (2001). Includes Planning Curriculum and Instruction, Managing the Classroom, and Teaching for Learner Success. Price: $410 (member); $520 (nonmember). Stock No. 401071.
  • A Visit to a Differentiated Classroom. (Available in December 2001). Price: $145 (member); $170 (nonmember). Stock No. 401309.
  • The Brain and Mathematics (Video Series). (2001). Includes Making Number Sense and Classroom Applications. Price: $326 (member); $396 (nonmember). Stock No. 400237.

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