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February 1, 2000
Vol. 57
No. 5

ASCD Photo Contest / Picture Perfect in Y2K

It's time to dust off the cameras and get ready for the ASCD Annual Photo Contest. There are two categories this year: one for color slides and prints, and one for black-and-white prints. We invite you—and your students—to send us your pictures of school life.
Photos may be taken in traditional or nontraditional settings and can be imaginative or realistic, posed or spontaneous, provocative or contemplative. We want to see diverse students and adults engaged in active learning, working with one another and with the community.
Some suggestions for photo content include examples of excellent teaching, peer coaching, alternative assessment, preschool activities, interdisciplinary projects, students using technology, and adults working with students or with one another.

Two Prize Categories

ASCD Photo Contest / Picture Perfect in Y2K-table

Black & White


1st Prize: $500 2nd Prize: $250 3rd Prize: $1001st Prize: $500 2nd Prize: $250 3rd Prize: $100
Deadline for entries is May 1, 2000.

Contest Rules

  1. Photos may be black-and-white or color. We will only accept photographs sized 5” x 7” or 8” x 10”, or color slides. (We cannot use digital photos.) Any submissions should be of high quality, with clarity and contrast and considerable dramatic quality. They should also have relevant educational content, and they should be the type of photo that can be used in an ASCD publication. Close-ups are much more useful than panoramic shots or large-group shots.
  2. Each photo must show the entrant's name, address, daytime telephone number, social security number, and the photographer's name if it is different from that of the entrant. Write this information on a small piece of paper attached to the photo. Please do not write directly on the back of the photo. Also include a brief description of what the photo depicts, including school name and location. For slides, please identify the entrant (and photographer) on the frame itself and enclose a sheet of paper listing the above information.
  3. Contestants must obtain permission for possible publication from persons portrayed in the photos and must submit a signed entry letter stating that they have done so.
  4. All entries will become the property of ASCD and will not be returned. By entering, contestants grant ASCD nonexclusive rights to use their photographs in any ASCD publication.
  5. Entries should be sent to Educational Leadership Photo Contest, ASCD, 1703 N. Beauregard St., Alexandria, VA 22311-1714. More than one entry from the same person may be submitted in the same envelope. Please package to avoid damage to photos.
  6. We will notify entrants by mail that their entry has been received. And we will notify winners after the judging and announce them in a fall issue of Educational Leadership. ASCD reserves the rights (1) to not award a prize if none of the entries is deemed worthy and (2) to disqualify entries if they are not submitted according to the above guidelines.

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