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March 1, 2016
Vol. 73
No. 6

ASCD Community in Action

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VOTE NOW in the 2016 ASCD General Membership Election

Voting is now open to fill two positions on ASCD's 2016–17 Board of Directors. The candidates are:
  • Phillip Caposey, Superintendent, Meridian Community Unit School District 223, Stillman Valley, IL
  • Ember Conley, Superintendent, Park City School District, Park City, UT
  • Lou Howell, Executive Director, Iowa ASCD, Urbandale, IA
  • Melanie Kay-Wyatt, Principal, Fredericksburg City Schools, Fredericksburg, VA
  • Thomas Tramaglini, Superintendent, Kenilworth School District, Kenilworth, NJ
To cast your vote, log in with your member ID and password. The election closes on April 30, 2016. Please contact ASCD Governance with any questions.

ESSA Next Steps: Implementation

President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) into law on December 10, 2015, finally closing the book on the policies of No Child Left Behind. Now, policymakers are shifting their attention to ESSA implementation.
To help make the most of the new law, educators must be informed about the changes ESSA will require in state and local policies. ASCD's Educator Advocates program can help and is free to join! As an Educator Advocate, you will receive the latest education policy updates in an e-newsletter sent to your inbox.
Visit www.ascd.org/educatoradvocates and become an ASCD Educator Advocate today!

ASCD's Global Policy Agenda for 2016

This month ASCD releases its Global Policy Agenda (GPA) for 2016, which outlines policy recommendations that support the whole child and promote effective education.
In keeping with the international nature of today's key education issues, the United Nations has established a stand-alone goal for education in its Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 4 reads: Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.
ASCD's 2016 GPA focuses on quality education systems that include developing optimum conditions for learning; accountability systems that embrace a more comprehensive definition of student success that prepares graduates for college, career, citizenship, and lifelong learning; and an emphasis on supporting educators along the career continuum.
Go to www.ascd.org/globalpolicyagenda to read ASCD's GPA for 2016.

Resources on Learning for Life

Authentic Learning in the Digital Age: Engaging Students Through Inquiry (ASCD, 2014) by Larissa Pahomov. Stock No. 115009. $19.95 (member); $26.95 (non-member).
A clear framework for teachers who want to facilitate personalized, authentic, student-driven learning in a technology-rich classroom.
Real-World Projects: How Do I Design Relevant and Engaging Learning Experiences? (ASCD Arias, 2015) by Suzie Boss. Stock No. SF115043. $9.99 (member); $12.99 (non-member).
Project-based learning expert Suzie Boss explains how educators can plan rigorous, authentic projects that align with standards and prepare students for active citizenship.
Neurodiversity in the Classroom: Strength-Based Strategies to Help Students with Special Needs Succeed in School and Life (ASCD, 2012) by Thomas Armstrong. Stock No. 113017. $18.95 (member); $24.95 (non-member).
Overcome uncertainty and concerns as you and your colleagues learn how to analyze and use data to get better at teaching students.

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