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Megan Kortlandt

Megan Kortlandt


Megan Kortlandt is a literacy consultant with Oakland Schools, an intermediate school district that serves across one of Michigan's largest counties. She has taught in middle and high school classrooms in a variety of settings over the past 15 years, but she has more recently found a passion for supporting teachers and leaders as they strive to reach all learners through engagement, authenticity, and autonomy. When she's not teaching or facilitating professional learning, chances are good Kortlandt is writing about it. She has previously been published in NCTE's journal Voices from the Middle and The Michigan Reading Journal, and she is a contributing writer for Moving Writers.

Primary Topics

Articles by Megan
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School Culture
Why Icebreakers Are Underrated for Deeper Connections
Samantha Keesling & Megan Kortlandt
2 years ago
Blogs by Megan
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Designing Meaningful Norms for Professional Learning
Megan Kortlandt & Samantha Keesling
4 months ago

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Principal Labs: Strengthening Instructional Leadership Through Shared Learning - Soft Cover


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