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Meredith McNerney

Meredith McNerney


Meredith McNerney is a former principal, speaker, author, and teacher. She formerly served as the principal of a Title I school of nearly 900 students in Montgomery County, Maryland. Before taking over in 2016, her school was among the lowest performing across 134 elementary schools in the district. Under her leadership, her school was ranked as a 4-star school according to the Maryland School Report Card, most notably due to student achievement and growth data.

Areas Of Expertise

Coaching and mentoring
Articles by Meredith
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De-escalating the Hulk Brain
Meredith McNerney
4 months ago

Are Students Always This Mean?
Meredith McNerney
2 years ago

Books by Meredith

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Cultivating a Classroom of Calm: How to Promote Student Engagement and Self-Regulation


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