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Instructional Strategies

Translating Student Voice into Student Action: How to Foster Civics in Your Classroom with the Students Taking Action Together Strategies

2 years ago

Instructional Strategies

Feedback That Matters: Tools and Strategies for Making It Happen

2 years ago

Teaching with Empathy: Transform Your Practice by Understanding and Validating Your Students' Needs and Your Own

2 years ago

Help BIPOC Students End the Year with Positive Literacy Experiences

2 years ago

Making Learning Stick (No Matter Where It Happens)

4 years ago

In this Webinar

A primary mission of education is to prepare students for informed and active citizenship. But how, exactly, do teachers pursue this—especially given other pressing priorities, like ensuring academic proficiency and addressing social-emotional learning? Students Taking Action Together (STAT), a research project developed at Rutgers University, provides an answer: five research-based instructional strategies teachers can use to help students rehearse and develop civic impulses and dispositions.

About the presenter

Laura F. Bond is a K–5 curriculum supervisor who has served as a high school and elementary school assistant principal. She taught secondary social studies for 19 years. A member of the executive board of New Jersey ASCD, she is passionate about whole child education and disrupting the hidden curriculum in schools and classrooms through equity-driven social-emotional learning and inclusivity measures.

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Topics covered

Instructional Strategies
Instructional Strategies

Students Taking Action Together: 5 Teaching Techniques to Cultivate SEL, Civic Engagement, and a Healthy Democracy

We often hear that a key purpose of schooling is to prepare students for informed and active citizenship. But what does this look like in practice? How do teachers pursue this goal amid other pressing priorities, including student mastery of both academic content and social-emotional competencies? Students Taking Action Together, based on a program of the same name developed at Rutgers University, clarifies that the way to prepare young people for life in a democracy is by intentionally rehearsing democratic behaviors in the classroom.

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