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ASCD Authors Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Allison Zmuda
Author Workshop

Getting Started with Designing Curriculum Storyboards

How can I shift from a piecemeal approach to curriculum coverage to one that deliberately is written for my students? How can I craft an engaging storyboard that will hook my learners' imagination ? Join us as we walk through our approach to designing a storyboard that you could use directly with your students.

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Curriculum Director

About the Authors

Heidi Hayes Jacobs works with schools, organizations, and agencies to create responsive learning environments, upgrade curriculum, and support teaching strategies to meet the needs of contemporary learners. Her models of curriculum mapping and her design and approach to modernizing school ecosystems and learning spaces have been featured in numerous books, articles, podcasts, and software solutions throughout the world.

Through her collaboration with the brilliant Allison Zmuda, Heidi has become fascinated by the possibilities storyboarding offers to streamline curriculum and increase student-facing engagement.

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Streamlining the Curriculum: Using the Storyboard Approach to Frame Compelling Learning Journeys

Streamlining the Curriculum: Using the Storyboard Approach to Frame Compelling Learning Journeys


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