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Less is More: Sustainably Transforming School Culture

Drawing inspiration from the book, The Minimalist Teacher, this interactive workshop will empower administrators to explore the principles of minimalism and their application in developing school cultures that promote efficiency and productivity. This session is for administrators who often feel alone in their roles, finding themselves overwhelmed with a myriad of ideas, initiatives, creating mental clutter that can hinder productivity and the ability to provide optimal conditions for creating positive school culture.

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Curriculum Director

About the Authors

Tamera Musiowsky-Borneman is an international education adviser, teacher coach, and classroom teacher who has taught and led in Singapore, New York City, and Edmonton, Canada. She is a past president of ASCD Emerging Leaders Alumni Affiliate (ELASCD). She values simplicity and clarity and has created a coaching model centered on the idea of coaching teachers in short, flexible, and focused chunks of time, with personalized content. Musiowsky-Borneman has contributed content to ASCD Inservice, ASCD Express, Illinois ASCD’s newsletter, EdWeek Teacher Blog, and Achieve the Core about student engagement, inclusion, agency, and ways to develop classroom and school culture.

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The Minimalist Teacher


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